LANG Steering Committee

LANG is governed and operated by a Steering Committee which is elected by the members of the club each fall. The members of the Steering Committee also serve as officers or as chairmen of committees which cary out the basic functions of the club.

Coordinator - (Rick)

Conducts Steering Committee meetings and coordinates the affairs of the Club. Also currently acting WebChairman, maintains, write text and designs new pages or features for the web site.

Treasurer - (Mike E)

Collects membership dues and event fees, pays authorized expenses, accounts for the income and expenses of the Club, and prepares financial reports as required.

Secretary & Member Services Chairman- (Rom)

Records the minutes at meetings, submits those minutes for approval, composes and sends correspondence for the Club. Maintains membership records (Address and Phone Changes).

Brother Clubs Liaison - (John H)

Maintains newsletters and answers inquiries from our Brother Clubs and also answers inquiries from our members about the Brother Clubs, coordinates LANG involvement in multiple club events.

Events Planning, Reservations & Co-host Chairman - (Philo)

Works with members interested in hosting LANG events and activities, reviews proposals, schedules events and helps hosts plan events and activities. Retrieves and records reservations for events, and sends the lists of names to the event hosts. Coordinates assistance at events by contacting members about their co-host duties, maintains co-host records and arranges the appropriate number of co-hosts for each event.

Membership Chairman - (Mike S)

Receives and reviews membership applications, responds to prospective new members, and coordinates new member orientations.

Newsletter Editor & Archivist - (Dominic)

Prepares copy for the newsletter by writing and editing articles, selecting and arranging photos and artwork, and having the newsletter printed. Takes photographs, keeps and maintains the LANG Events Book and all LANG newsletters, and keeps the membership photo book up to date.


Other Committee Chairmen (Appointed):

Mail Distribution Chairman - (David)

Sorts and distributes incoming mail.

Palm Springs Events Planning - (Russ)

Plans and helps coordinate LANG Weekends in Palm Springs

Other Special Events Planning - (Johnny L)

Plans and helps coordinate LANG Special Events

Election Chairman

Identifies Steering Committee candidates, prepares ballots and coordinates the annual election each fall (appointed each summer).

Past Coordinator - (Herb)

Serves as advisor to the Steering Committee


Contact Us

Steering Committee members and other committee chairmen can be contacted via our contact page

Correspondence can also be sent to our mailing address:

LANG, 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd. PMB 249,
West Hollywood, CA 90069.

Los Angeles Nude Guys is incorporated as a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in the State of California.